Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Life (MS doesn't affect rudeness)


Many of my fans have been putting on the pressure to pump a story out, so here you go. Not necessarily related to MS, but definitely part of my life.

You decide which is more rude.

I was quite disappointed that my favorite Kansas City BBQ place was closed, so I begrudgingly went to my 2nd favorite place. Only room for one at the bar. And it was an awkward table, a high top at the bar, and at an angle, so I wanted to sit on the other side. I went to scoot-in and the person whose chair I hit when I tried to slide into mine, would not move. He acted as if I were not there. It looks like they sent a clear message. Don't sit there. I am not moving. So off to the other side of the awkward angle part of the table. My right hand side and leg were sticking into the hallway.

I took a good look too. The man who's chair I bumped (but didn't move) had plenty of room to scoot-in. Feeling awkward and not yet having the guts to confront the couple, the bar opened up, so I quickly moved to the end of the bar.

Thinking it would be a while for my order to come up. and being by myself at the bar, I flipped open my laptop and began to get back to my blogging. Blogging a dinner during edits I have just resolved to be rude. However, back to my growing discomfort with the situation. All of a sudden, I hear the couple at the "incident" table say how rude something was. I am sure, it was me. I also heard "going into a full restaurant yada, yada, yada. I tried to give, what I thought, were... who me glances? towards them, but couldn't confirm whether or not they were talking about me. It was noisy, and you know. I am just sure they were talking about me.

So, what is more rude? Not being a kind citizen of the earth and saying excuse me, and moving your chair in a couple inches?


Having dinner by yourself at a restaurant bar and opening up your computer?

Let me know.

I did take a phone call later, after they left, and with my laptop open. They were long gone. Actually, being by myself, I didn't consider that too rude.

Let's just all get along. If the restaurant is a bit crowded, and tables are close, acknowledge the person simply just trying to sit down. How about a symathy scoot? And maybe scoot a 1/4 inch. At least act like you give a twelve cents about fellow humans, rather then completely ignoring them like I am with my face in my computer.

This is mymsdouglyon paying the bill and getting out of here!

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Esther said...

Hey Doug:

That's too bad about your favorite barbecue restaurant being closed.

I think it was very rude of the person not to scoot over a little bit. What was his problem! He had plenty of room. If I saw that someone was trying to wedge into a space and my chair was blocking them, I'd be very apologetic and move my chair. That's just the normal, polite, human reaction. It's what you or I would have done, because we're normal, polite humans.

And I don't think it's rude at all to open your laptop at the bar if you're there alone. Why should anyone else care!

I'm sorry one jerk ruined your dinner.