Saturday, November 15, 2008

New President - Dinner is served - and other family and Barack Obama connections

Thanks to Roseann and some other great friends who keep me up to date with information regarding my famous parents.

Scroll down in this link and have a look at the last person to be in the running for White House Chef. Yes, that is the butter cow lady, my mother. And by the way, the first person pictured...who is Tom Seitsma's pick for the job... well, Tom, the food critic of the Washington Post is a friend of Steve and me.

Now, I don't know if my mother will be cooking at the white house, but it is true, she and my father were supporters of Barack Obama at the Iowa Caucuses way back when. She also sculpted our future presidents bust out of butter. While I am excited we have elected Barack Obama as our 44th president, it is with concern of being contacted by the secret service, that I say, "my mother has his head (butter sculpture bust) in the freezer." Good to know that it is no longer there and we have safely elected this man without any spilt milk.

Check out the following links: My mom and dad starred in a video in support of his campaign September 27, 2007.

My father was part of Barack Obama's pre-election infomercial. the 4th video segment at click 3.53.

Joe and Duffy Lyon of Tama, IA talk about why Barack Obama inspired "hope" - in the form of a large "O" made out of butter.

Pictures of mom and dad at the farm:

Be sure to click on the Duffy Lyon an her husband Joe link for more pictures scroll down and you can find the (or click here) "No Bull" radio ad done by my mother as well.

Or Obama Nabs Butter Cow Backing October 24, 2007. again scroll for the "No Bull" commercial which is easier to find on this page.

Citizen Kate report - "On the trail" commission of Barack Obama bust.

Thank you to everyone for your support of my family and their celebrity status.

This is Doug Lyon MyMS.