Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MS Camp - Welcome to Majestic Shores

Unemployment allows for new opportunities. The best one I was able to pursue was again being a volunteer at MS Camp. This is my 4th year and while always a little fearful, I was happy to be available to go, and welcome back at such a late date to Majestic Shores.

That is right, no longer camp, the Minnesota Chapter of the MS Society has converted Camp Courage to "Someplace you would like to go, right? called Majestic Shores Resort. Offering guests more flexibility in their scheduling, events, and program options, guests of the resort even have choices in the times they are served dinner.

So, back to many famaliar faces, friends and wonder people who volunteer to help people with MS, work for the MS Society, and those of us who have MS. In addition to coming back to a family I was longing to be a part of, I enjoyed the dose of reality my friends and MS family provide me. This is a place where we we see people living. Living their lives in service, support, and fighting the devastating effects of MS, with courage, humor and hope.

Given that one can see daily the glass half full of the mediocrity, hypocrisy, uncaring incompetence that feeds the newsreels, this program made possible by the MS Society for me is like an annual reset button clicking out the negative.

While an ugly and unpleasant comparison, think of Majestic Shores Resort as the opposite of the BP oil devastation. The MS Society gushes with the goodness touching peoples lives in areas and ways we had not thought possible. However, unlike this accident, your support of me and the MS Society makes this possible. Thanks for your continued generous support.