Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back from Camp

Sunday is here and I returned home from camp on Friday. The littlest thing set me off into a city wide quest of Minneapolis for some non-emergency advice. It didn't happen until after a nice dinner with my friend Roseann. Where there was a 6 year old, or so, running around the table shouting "let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go........... let's go...." and I reponded, "Let's shut up!"

Camp frazzled that knowing nerve, of what is important, bratty kids and ladies who have been up from the table behind you 6 times answerng their mobile phones, or the fact that you helped people you didn't know, who could not feed them selves or walk across camp. And it was amaing because I can confidently say, I am actually proud of myself because I was able to do this.

So, back to the police. someone parked in my parking space. Of course I could let it go. But suddenly, I was energized to see this through. Important thoughts of theft lead to bodily injury, which I could not fathom. So, some other less vengeful revenge had to be considered. But quickly led to a polite note on the front door of the building the next day. So on a dog walk, I at first, on my search for the police, to ask if vandalism, or theft, or any action to the car can be considered legal, since they were trespassing?

No posted signs for "your car will be towed...... if..." So the car could not be towed. I was powerless. There was nothing I could do. So I consulted with folks I saw on the street. The first one, look at my luck, was a lawyer. A litigator. She of course said she would support me.

I then found myself asking many of the fine citizens of Minneapolis what they would do? The last gal I asked, said: Let it go? It is a beautiful Friday night? Why sweat the small stuff? And I said: "That is the best advice I have received all night."

This My MS - less stressed out 2 days later.
Doug signing out. - Thanks to Esther.

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